About me• .

^^ Hello, I'm Aline...
Writer, God first, travel dreamer, Kfashion,
book lover, photographer, flower lover .
and I have this crazy dreams,
To write a book,
To learn languages: Japanese and Korean.
To visit:
China, Thailand, South Korea and Japan!
But haha... I think they are just dreams for me.
Staring... Thinking... Dreaming...

In love with:
books- vintage- words- history- music-
poems- writing- art- drawing-
classic things- medical- painting- children,
--- just for one moment, find out of you're interested!
Writing is my passion, my way of life.
Love: ice cream, chocolate,
my favorite color are: black, gray and white.
Nothing else sweet about me !.

____ One of my mooto is:
Most of people can not look beyond a disability,
to the beauty of inside and
perhaps it is good to have a beautiful body,
but even a greater gift is to discover a beautiful heart!..

(^^. phone number: +40745830911
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from this #Blog by:  - A. A. Popovici,

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