Thursday, 5 January 2017

A few friends!.

The first once says this word: 
" I want to be your friend even my life will change someday, 
I may be married, I may have children on my on but, 
still I wish to be your friend, in good days or bad ones!
Friends like a gift from heaven!  
this person is: - B,
Other says this: " you know? You can do much more than just say poems. 
Quiet, in your room in silence just write your heart on a paper! 
Since then my days are like this: 
"No sleep but, writing is in my head like a song of words!
Blessed friends are from God just for a while in my life!
this person is: - I,
Another says this: 
" You may never forget your children dream, to be a good healthcare. 
You may never know that your smile will heal someone's 
pain just in the way you are, warmth joy.
Never forget to help people with what you have! 
this person is: - M,
The last one says to me this: 
" You are so speciale and God will send someone special in your life, 
because you are so cute like a happiness smell! 
I only dream of such a day, may come someday in my life to! 
There are a few friends that encourage me the most.
this person is: - J, 

                                                                                                      - A. A. Popovici,

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